Our office provides an inclusive, professional and attractive package of services that allows apartment owners to exercise their full rights in the course of NOP 38 or vacation and reconstruction projects, and to considerably improve their assets. 

Our office’s team consults, provides services and exercises the projects of NOP 38 and of vacation and reconstruction starting from the stages of the examination and planning, throughout the management of the project’s execution, and till its completion. We offer to our clients a proven experience of skills and knowledge we have acquired in many projects we participated in throughout Israel. 

We provide a unique approach to each project, which includes: specific examinations for every building, engineering and architectural planning, the advancement and attainment of building permits within a significantly shorter time while preserving the tenants’ interests. 

Our team of experts includes architects, engineers and supervisors who have a proven experience of years in projects of vacation and reconstruction since  NOP 38 actually came into effect. 

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