About the Office

The office of “Gil Klinger Project Initiation” has been for the past 20 years the leading office in the provision of services in the fields of construction, licensing, engineering, planning and initiation of Real Estate projects.

Through the accumulation of a vast bureaucratic experience with the planning institutions, as well as the accumulation of knowledge and connections that were created throughout the time, we have succeeded in advancing licensing projects, engineering projects and projects within the course of Israel’s National Outline Plan No. 38 (the national outline plan in Israel for the strengthening of buildings against earthquakes) while significantly reducing the long waiting list that concerns such projects.

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The provision of a professional service to the client without compromises

Gil Klinger
Owner & CEO

Ofra Klinger, Adv. LLM
VP Business Development

Our office consults, provides ongoing services and works with entrepreneurs, architects, law firms, marketing chains, malls, factories, local authorities, moshavim and kibbutzim in the following fields:

  • Forms for the occupation of a building (form no. 4) and certificates that the construction has been completed.
  • Licensing procedures, the issuance of building permits that include requests for easements until the asset has been fully exhausted.
  • Excessive uses
  • Appellate committees
  • Approvals of municipalities for the land registration bureau
  • Betterment levies and construction tolls
  • The reduction of rates
  • The licensing of businesses, hotels, nursing homes, banquet halls, a manufacturer’s license, food joints and etc.
  • NOP 38, vacation and reconstruction transactions (these are transactions in which old buildings are vacated from their tenants and demolished and new buildings with more apartments are built instead), assistance to entrepreneurs, construction companies and homeowner associations.
  • Municipal master plans
  • Changing the land’s designation
  • Qualifying construction excesses retroactively
  • Handling delayed applications
  • Demolition orders, cessations of work and closing orders

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